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My Journey With PACs, PVCs and SVT: How I Cured My Heart Palpitations


Hello all,

I hope this doesn't fall under "commercial use of the site". This is certainly not a cash grab, but hoping I could help people who are in a similar situation as me, I wrote a short book about my experiences with various types of arrhythmia. Like many people I spent years scouring the internet for information and trying everything under the sun to get rid of my ectopics, and even SVT. I finally hit on a few things that worked for the ectopics, and ultimately resolved the SVT too. I wanted to provide people with an account of my experiences and maybe even give you some tools that could help you. When I was dealing with these problems, all I wanted was to read about someone who actually managed to beat them, so here you go. It's a very quick read, but may actually help!

Here is a link to order the book on Kindle or in paperback:

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Some might consider this commercial use of the sight.

Why not share with this site some of the contents of your book so at least those who would contemplate buying would have some indication of the contents.

HeartBook in reply to Hidden

Hi Yatsura, I actually decided to go one step further and make the ebook totally free for 24 hours, August 12-13. It's a very quick read by design, but I hope it's interesting and useful.

Boohbette17 in reply to Hidden

Yes! it is actually free at this moment :)

Thank you HeartBook!! God Bless 🤗🌈 although my brother has sycope issues & separately, my brother in law has a pace maker already, I believe I will learn something valuable to share 👌😃

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