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Heart flutters

Hi everyone

I started getting heart palpitations flutters a few days before Christmas 2017.

Have had the odd one before but not so regular as just before Christmas.Was getting them a few times every hour or so.Really frightened me cause just wasn't expecting to get this.I'm 55 years old.

Went to hospital a few times freaking out over the next few days.

Sent me home saying blood ecg all ok.

My gp put me in verapamil and and that settled the flutters down a little not getting them as regular but still enough to concern me.

Saw cardiologist with holter report he said all good don't worry about them keep taking the verapamil and you'll be fine.

What worries me though Is sometimes I get a flutter then I feel off and I come over in a cold sweat for a about 10 mins is that normal?

Really worried about work and will I manage like I used to? Before the palpitations I've been off work for a month but due back now.

Seeing cardiologist again tomorrow to ask some more questions.

I'm really struggling with these palpitations/flutters.

Thanks for reading my first post and best wishes for everyone.

Regards Marty.

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Hi Marty,

From my experience, it is possible that the ECG or the holter monitor did not catch your abnormal heart rhyme when you did not feel the symptoms during the recording. Perhaps doing a longer term heart monitoring would help find out the problem considering your palpitations keeping bothering you. There are cardiac event monitor that can record your heart rhyme continuously up to a month, and you just press a button whenever you feel the symptoms. The echocardiogram and cardiac stress test are basic tests that can help to find out the problem too. I suggest asking your cardiologist about these options to determine the cause of your palpitation if you haven't done these tests yet.

Hope that helps a little.


Thanks for your reply my 24hr holter did pick up some palpitations but my cardiologist isn't to concerned about as much as I am.

He's says not to worry about them, has increased my verapamil from 180mg to 240mg was going to put me on a beta blocker but I suffer with asthma.

Either way I just wish they would just go away but they maybe just wishful thinking. They have really changed my outlook on life.It's really my first real experience with something I feel is maybe life threatening.

I'll just take it day by day.

Thank you again regards Marty.


Hope you feel better soon!


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