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Ectopics when walking - but only later in the day

I was just wondering if anyone could shed light on, or has experienced anything similar to this.

When I walk any distance at around 5pm I get very pronounced ectopics, and have to stop walking for them to stop. I have had a holter test that shows them not to be runs of ectopics but alternating ectopics and normal beats. Apparently, according to my arrhythmia nurse, they are not dangerous but are quite debilitating (as I can't walk far and need to stop often for my heartbeat to 'reset').

Now the odd thing is that in the morning I can walk miles (and often do with no problem and at lunchtime I may get a few discrete ectopics when I walk but nothing that is problematic. Just the evening at home time!

My background is that I had a sustained VT attack that I needed shocking out of about four months ago, had meds and ICD to protect against future incidents and had been making a successful recovery (and still am in all other respects). Only suggestion from nurses is that I try increasing Bisolpropol (from 5mg to 7.5mg) but otherwise they don't consider it a significant issue. Trouble is, as I can't drive, not being able to walk any distance is doubly restricting.

Any thoughts or suggestions - or similar experiences - would be welcome.


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Hello Peter,

I'm afraid I can't really help, other than to say that my own ectopics, which I've had for some fifty years - I'm 76 years' old at the moment - will tend to happen if I walk very fast for, say, 30 minutes. Other than that they are likely to occur at anytime, night or day - and a while back were so bad at night, where palpitations would occur in-between, that they would keep me awake. I'm not a doctor, of course, but I suspect the fact that your ectopics occur late in the day is because your body is tiring and needs to rest up. Try to pace you day better, so that you're at home before the ectopics kick in. Another chat with your doc would I'm sure clarify matters.

Best Wishes,


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Thank you Patrick. Analysing things more closely and hopefully not over analysing I think your comment about tiredness is the most appropriate. I have no symptoms at all The rest of the day but come on evening and even a short walk and I get palpitations and ectopics. Baffles everyone but tiredness is perhaps the only common element. Funnily enough by 7 PM when I'm rested I am able to walk again! Thanks for your input Patrick, it is appreciated


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