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Struggling after ablation

Hi I'm new in here!

Suffered with SVT for 6yrs, could not tolerate meds so went for ablation on 22march all ok 1stwk & cardiologist happy the type of svt ( avrnt) was ablated! Tried to get back to normal since but been floored by tremors/shaking feeling sick chest twinges been back to ER twice so scared! Ecg/bloods normal HR/BP normal whilst this provides light relief I'm so scared there's an underlying issue as never felt anything like this ever, really need help but don't know where to turn😢

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I have SVT and have had two ablutions for it, It can take a little while to feel better after an ablation.. have you seen your EP since? They would be the best person to give you advice.. or an Arrythmia nurse? I hope you feel better soon


I certainly felt shaky and wobbly for a while after ablation. I was readmitted to hospital twice to try and get stabilized. As one nurse explained to me, your heart does not like to be disturbed so it will take a while to settle back down. I agree with Dee1989... Can you contact an arrhythmia nurse or when is your next EP appointment? It can take 3 months to settle down or some even say 6 months. Best wishes and I hope you feel better really soon. I remember thinking I would never feel OK again. But I did :) xx


Thx I think I underestimated what an effect an ablation would have on me, I too have been back & forth to ER with chest pains & feeling agitated all tests come back fine & your sent away feeling useless, these physical symptoms are taking over my life I wish I'd never had procedure done at least I could manage my svt when it happened which wasn't that often these "panic" attacks which obviously they are are daily & I'm beginning to feel like I'm going mad!😢


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