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Ventricular beats followed by sudden increase in HR

Hi all,

Sorry to post again. I've been using my clicker for my reveal device which has shown up some ventricular ectopics. When these happen my heart rate speeds up as if it's had a sudden boost of energy from somewhere and then it quickly terminates.

My heart rate goes to about 100bpm when this happens and then quietens back down suddenly. The physiologist on the phone said it could be a strange rhythm but he can only see one ectopic and will refer to the electrophysiologist.

Does anyone know what the fast heart rate could be if it's not ventricular tachycardia? An escape rhythm or something? How dangerous is it?

I just want some answers but the physiologists are very guarded about what they say.

Thanks x

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I have VT and Im 39 woman.

VT for me feels like worms in my chest.

This happenes for a few seconds and then my heart rate will go really fast.

It could also be SVT.

I saw 4 cardioligist before I found one that actually captured my VT on tape.

So I think you need a holter moniter fitted.

Also because the heart doesnt all play ball....It can be hard to catch.

Hope that helps.



Thanks so much for replying. I have a loop recorder fitted which has caught singular ventricular extopixs (even tho it feels more than one) and it shows that my heart rate speeds up after a pvc.

The cardiac physiologist hasn't explained what the speeding up is but told me he would tell the electrophysiologist. It's super frustrating as I'm desperate to know what is going on.

Thanks again


Buy an AliveCor and see for yourself.


I've got one but unfortunately these happen quickly and aren't long lived so it's a bit tricky to capture with the alive cor


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