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Cardiac arrest recovery

I had a cardiac arrest in June was in a coma for 3 or 4 days. I have had a pacemaker fitted & feel great, however I do get out of breath, when I out walking or working around the house. I would love to go out socialising & have a few drinks. My dilemma is some of my family & friends say it's ok & some say I shouldn't. So I thought I'd ask the forum, as we all have similar ailments thanks....

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You can go out socialising and have a few drinks without drinking alcoholic ones. I found non alcoholic lager was not the answer. Someone on the AF forum suggested soda and lime and that's nice. However I only have one ice cube so that I don't get affected.


Thanks Peter, I have tried that & got indigestion must have been drinking it to quickly. Thanks anyway....


Yes if you drink too quickly it can. Also if it's too cold that can cause a reaction to the stomach and heart / trigger the vagal nerve system. Hence why I said 1 ice cube (or none). I had the same problem the first couple if times then because of ice cubes at home worked out too much ice was the trigger. Also you get far ore soda that way rather than a third of a gass of ice cubes!!!


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