Hi everyone! I have been suffering from heart rhythm problems for approx 6 months. I am female 55 years. My sister is a few years younger and has exact same symptoms. Hers started 18 months ago. Skipping beats , all day long . every day. She has had test and all were negative. I had a 24 hr tape and ( unusually) I didn't have any problems. The cardiologist now says she wont see me as I am not having enough ectopics to require any treatment. ( This test was all arranged by my GP) . I am at my wits end as these extra beats or whatever? come on all the time, bending, standing, walking, eating sitting. same as sister. Been told to increase propranalol. Have taken 20mg for fast heart rate for over 30 years. This has been well controlled for many years and i never have an episode. I am no wimp when it come to my health but I dont know what to do next? My sister is same. How can they not see me if they dont know whats going on? Help please!

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  • Perhaps should have made comment about 24 hour tape clearer. The day I got tape done I didnt have any or mbe one or two extra beats. Normally its dozens and dozens per day!

  • Hi There .

    I have reached the same point as you but over a much longer period. I have ectopic beats that are totally random, days with a few and other days with lots. After two Cardiologists ( three appointments each ) , every test known to man, Xray, blood tests, Scans, Holter monitors, and a cardiac MRI , I have to accept that it is what it is. They cannot do much for me because I don't have a life threatening condition or enough extra beats for "intervention " .When i get a lot its tough to ignore and live with but I know is that it will give me days or weeks when I am symptom free and that's the best I can hope for.

    The best advice I can give is , and this is tough, but don't get yourself stressed because it will get a whole lot worse.

  • I know Andy &thanks for that! I haven't had any tests yet though! The only one is the 24hr tape. I am not getting to speak to a cardiologist, for me that's the problem. Even if it were for reassurance & I do think it would be fair to carry out a couple of other tests , like an echo before I get dismissed.

  • Invest in an AliveCor to get some ecg evidence of what is happening during these episodes. Probably they are just benign ectopics of no significance but your ecg will tell you.

    If they are benign ectopics, these are extremely common. Most of us will get them at some time, there is no treatment and nothing to worry about. Be reassured by your normal results.

  • Look on the AFA healthunlocked site, and search for breathing techniques. There is one (slow breathing, in for about a count of 7, and out for about 11, aiming at only four breaths a minute, for ten minutes or so). Many people have found this very effective to stop ectopics.

  • Hi just wanted to add my experience as i am 54 female and started getting skipped beats,ectopics about 4 years ago,also get racing heartbeat ,most days of the week,it really worried me as i also suffer with anxiety and panic disorder,had 24hr heart monitor,showed normal sinus rhythm and some svt tachacardia,sorry for bad spelling,i was told it could be perimenopause related as hormonal changes can affect heart rhythm.

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