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Light at the end of the tunnel?

We'll finally got some answers to what the GP was happy to pass off as ectopic beats...results from echiocardiagram were clear but 24hr monitor showed paroxysmal AF. saw cardiologist yesterday and she has prescribed 1.25mg of beta blockers...first time ever taking anything for the palpitations and I'm scared. I'm only 38 but want to star5 to feel normal again. she said the results had shown 2 instances of heart rate at 200+ BPM!!

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Bisoprolol is for rate control and so should stop the high heart rate. This would be the standard treatment, but it is not without side effects. As it will cap your heart rate it will limit your ability for sprinting and activity requiring high heart rates. It can also make you feel a little tired.

Nothing to be scared about but you will always have to cope with your tendency to af.

Having said that plenty of athletes have paroxysmal af.

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