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Unexplained palpitations, PR interval & multifocal ventricular ectopics age 29


Hi everyone,

I've been having a bit of a rough time with my heart lately, with suspected episodes of afib and other strange palpitations where my heart flits for a number of seconds and makes me feel dizzy.

I've had 24hour/7 day tapes in the past that have only shown multifocal ventricular ectopics and a PR interval of 195ms.

I am only 29 and over the past few months my symptoms have got so much worse and I am finding everything sets off palpitations and I'm constantly in fear about when an attack will strike. It can happen when perfectly relaxed and not thinking about anything or when I am stressed, there's no rhyme or reason to it.

The doctors tend to fob me off because of my age but I'm sure something is going on. I am waiting for an appointment for a fitted loop recorder which I fought to get.

My question is, does the multifocal ventricular ectopics and PR interval of 195ms mean anything to anyone? I know ectopics are often normal but I read multifocal are worse. In addition I've read anything over 200ms for a PR interval is abnormal. I seem to be very close and wondering if there's something in it.

Thank you. x

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This sounds like health anxiety to me. Psychological effects of anxiety often focus on chest and heart symptoms and you seem to have been pretty thoroughly investigated and no abnormality found. your pr interval is normal.

If you really want you could purchase an AliveCor and capture the abnormality you are feeling, but from past posts I think you already do that.

Multifocal vent ectopics are so common as to be normal. I spect everyone will have them at some time.

Working on relaxation techniques and avoiding introspective analysis is likely to be your best way forwards and if you're getting a loop recorder, you will have achieved all that is possible to capture abnormal cardiac events.


Thank you for your reply. I have an Alice cor and it has captured atrial fibrillation a number of times, but the cardiologist I saw dismissed it and said she'd never heard of Alice cor and wasn't sure on the style of ECG graph. So she wrote that off which is when we agreed to have a loop recorder fitted.

There are a number of sensations I have and some are so fast they're gone by the time I can get the alive cor. I had two episodes where I almost passed out after a very fast and bounding heart beat for five seconds, I was driving.

I'm just trying to find an answer for these horrible symptoms, but yes I probably need to try and ignore them. X

Can you put a picture of your AliveCor ecg trace that was reported as af on here. The machine is not reliable a diagnosis of af, but the cardiologist is likely to be.

If you're getting episodes of nearly passing out without warning when driving, then you probably shouldn't be driving.

PeterWh in reply to jellybean000

I think that Goldfish_ means that you should NOT be driving!!!

You may need to submit a new post because I don't think that you can reply and include an attachment. You can always include Goldfish's name as an identifier link rather than text.

I'll try, and I am not driving.

PS the cardiologist said I could drive. When I repeatedly said 'are you sure', they said 'yes because you didn't actually fully blackout'. I'm not listening to that advice and I'm steering clear of driving until I know what is wrong and it is under control or until it has not happened for some months. I'll see if I can upload some pictures of the recordings either soon or tomorrow. Thnks

PeterWh in reply to jellybean000

I think that you made the right decision.

Hi, I've started a new thread with one of the ECGs on but unfortunately can't post more than one photo. Apologies but it is the wrong way round. Thank you

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