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How many ablations is too many?

I ran across this excellent forum and gleamed a lot of information from it. Now I have a question to pose. I had bouts of atrial flutter and tachycardia for the last year. So far most medications do not work. It was discovered that there is extensive scarring on my right atrium. Thus far I've had 3 ablations, 2 of which seemed to work for a couple of months before the flutter/tachycardia returned. Now my EP gave the option of meds and a pacemaker (since my rate is very low when in normal rhythm) or a 4th "aggressive" ablation.

Has anyone had 4 or more ablations? What would be the disadvantages of numerous ablations? I would like to be able to fix this once and for all and not be dependent on meds forever.

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A friend of mine had 5 , but now also needs a pacemaker as he developed heart block.


Some on the Atrial Fibrillation Forum have had 4 or more. You could repost there.


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