Atrial Fibrillation

I have had 4 admissions for fast AF in the last 20 months and been cardioverted with fleicanide IV to good effect each time. I am now on bisoprolol 7.5mgs daily,10 mgs olmesartan and 5mgs amlodopine. I am having palpitations now every day but not a fast pulse rate I feel dreadful I am constantly aware of my irregular heart rate and find it very scary. I am awaiting an appointment with a specialist cardiologist to discuss an ablation and find the thought of this procedure also very scary. I also have read it may not be successful. Anyone's experiences or advice would be very welcome. I used to have months without any symptoms at all and a good quality of life but 2 hospital admissions within 3weeks has really changed my life. I now have AF symptoms most of the day every day. Any suggestions?

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  • Hi Sharon

    Can I suggest you re-post this on the specialist AFA forum on this site, only you raise a number of points, which the nearly 2000 members would be very happy to answer for you

    It's here and it's the same membership you just have to add the forum

    Many mnay people there who have had ablations and will talk you through what to expect and why not to feel scared.

    Be well


  • Thank you Ian I have done as you suggested. I hope I get lots of answers.

  • I think you will, but perhaps not until the morning for many, like me most of them are ready for bed around now.

    Try reading on that forum about ablations, there are literally hundreds of posts

    Be well


  • Hi Sharon,

    My AF was discovered earlier this year, so was prescribed a course of bisoprolol. I went back in sinus rhythm in three days but after a couple of months fell off the tracks, so after continuous monitoring by my GP and Cardiologist, I am going in for an ablation towards the end of October.

    I decided to go for this rather than cardio-version, because as you have stated, you still need to take Flecanide and in a year's time, that procedure may also need to be repeated.

    The ablation should also be viewed as a possible 2-parter, twelve months apart, which may or may not be required.

    I am currently on the pre-treatment meds and now just want to get it out of the way, so I can stop taking pills, morning, evening and night!

    Take care.


  • Thanks Michael I have arranged to see my EP privately this week to get things moving. Let me know how the procedure goes.

  • I have had episodes of AF for about 8 years.  These episodes have been treated with a variety of drugs some returning me to normal within hours or some over days as an in patient.  I have seen numerous doctors all with different views and drug regimes.  Recently hospitalised twice within a week after a bad bout of flu.  I strongly requested that we start again from the beginning seeing the same medical team.  I have been recommended an abulation but after further reading I am unsure that this will give me any relief and may make the condition worse.  I think that I have become paranoid over the years and that this does not help my condition.  Suggestions see a good pharmacist and get them to advise you on all current available medications then see a cardiologist armed with the facts as to what drugs may suit you best.

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