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I'm new here

I've just come back from 4 weeks walking and exploring in N Wales, taking lots of walks on my own in the hills, and feeling fit and well. 4 days after getting back, I had an episode of high pulse rate (130-150) went to the GP and ended up in an emergency ambulance to hospital. I've been diagnosed with super ventricular tachycardia, atrial fibrillation and hypercalcaemia (too much calcium in my blood, and the possible cause of the heart irregularities). I'm waiting for outpatients appointments, and in the meantime am not quite sure what I should be doing. I live on my own, like to walk on my own, enjoy countryside conservation work parties. Is exercise good or bad for me? Any advice on anything welcome!!

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Personally I wouldn't until all the tests have been done. You could check with your GP but gentle walking may be ok but I wouldn't do that except in very public area where help is easy to come by and where you can stop. That's all because you could suddenly get a bad turn and not be able to walk more than a hundred metres.

One thing to consider doing is seeing an electrophysiologist (EP ) privately. An EP is a cardiologist who has specialised in arrythmia. Many hospitals do not have one. Look on main website for those who do ablations (you may not need an ablation but that is easy way to filter). Typically this might cost £150 to £250 depending on where you are.

Above all read publications on main website. Knowledge is power.


Thank you for the advice - I only found this website today and have learned a lot from it - and others are good too. How did we manage with out the knowledge the experts can give us and what we can all learn from each other!.. I'm hoping in my case that solving my high blood calcium may help my heart rhythm, but it's a useful tip about the EP.


I have just thought about you considering the atrial fibrillation forum on health unlocked if the irregularities you refer to may be AF? It is a very much more active forum and you may find things of interest.


thank you - I'll try it

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