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Anyone can give advice

I have just had the results of my 7 day monitor tape and this shows that I have both bigeminy, trigeminy eptopics and unifocal ventricular ectopy.

From a conversation I have had with the cardiologist, I have an appointent next month, he feels that a pae maker would not get rid of my ectopics but a tablet would. I cannot have beta blockers as I suffer from bradycardia, often down in the low 40's. The cardiologist has suggested that the tablets will control/get rid of the ectopics but it may cause my heart rate to drop and cause issues. If it does then I will need to have a pacemaker.

Has any other subscriber had this issue?

Any advice comments woud be gratefully received.


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Have you discussed an ablation? I had the same thing as you including the bradycardia and medications did not help they just made my heart rate drop even more. I had an ablation and now rarely think about my heart.



At this stage I have not discussed anything with the cardiologist as the appointment is not until mid July. I was interested to hear from people who had similiar experiences so that I can ensure that I as many questions as possible. At this stage still awaiting a nuclear scan date which may change the end diagnosis.

Thank you for your suggestion will look into this.

regards Malcolm


I have exactly the same condition without the bradycardia. Mine has periods where the ectopics go for weeks and then reappear. Propanolol 80mg daily keeps a lid on them, i only take this when they are frequent. Unless you have heart muscle damage or blood supply issues then they normally let nature sort itself out. I,m surprised they have mentioned a pace maker unless you have very frequent symptoms , i.e. > 20 %



Sounds very similar to how I have been previuosly, although this time it is a lot worse. My problem is that beta blockers are likely to slow my heart rate too much, which will cause additional problems. I think that on the 7 day tape they identified 183 episodes which is greater than the norm.

Thanks for your advice and will let you know what happens when I see the cardiologist mid july.


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