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Advice Pre Second Ablation

Hi All!

Hope you are having a good summer so far.

So I'm having my second ablation next Wednesday. You'd think, being through this all before, I wouldn't be nervous, but I'm genuinely terrified. I'm super nervous about stopping my beta blockers (5 days before :-/) and nervous about the pre-op mainly, because the whole "putting all these pads on and oh there's a defib pad and also you're probably in SVT right now blah blah" freaked me OUT the first time.

Any advice on how to not lose my mind? Oy. Can't wait for all of this to be over. Thanks for reading :-)

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I can't tell you how much I understand where you're coming from. I now need a third ablation for svt and the last two haven't gone smoothly. In some ways I'm more frightened than I was for the first one- perhaps because I know what to expect. As for the stopping the beta blockers five days beforehand that in itself is no mean feat as if you're anything like I am then you'll be symptomatic for those days. My most recent ablation was in February and I've been elsewhere in the country for a second opinion (as my cardiologist up here wanted it as I'm proving to be a difficult case!) so will hear today when the next one will be. All I can say is that everyone else I come across has had a good experience and I'm sure that you too will be fine. They do them all the time and you will be in experienced hands. Are you being put under GA for it or are you awake for it? They put me to sleep for the second one but I was awake (no sedation or anything) for the first one. I get your fear and really empathise with you but don't want to make it worse for you by telling you all about my case as I'm not straightforward, have been unlucky and therefore it's unhelpful to compare. What I would say is that I'm desperate to be rid of these svts and if I'm willing to go for a third one then that must say something. How troublesome is your svt?

Take it easy over the days you come off your beta blocker - last time I reduced mine so I didn't get the immediate awful withdrawal symptoms and depending on what dose you're on they may suggest this for you?

Good luck and fingers crossed.


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Hi Rachel! Thank you for your kind words. I am sending healing, calm vibes your way - clearly I know how crummy this is!! I was wide awake for my first ablation (oof!) which was.....not ideal. I was a chatty one though, so this time they are giving me propofal....not sure if it is more for me or for them 😂 I think the pre-op period is what is most scary for me, since I'm super anxious (can you tell?) and I hate all the monitors/alarms/etc. I'm just hoping that in a week this will all be behind me!!

Thanks again for your kind words - I'm thinking of you!


Can't be sure they'll be the same experience, of course, but I sailed right through my second....even got to go home the same day! It took as long, but because it was just "cleaning up" after the first one 18 months earlier, less invasive and less damage. You'll be fine. Best wishes!

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Thank you so much for your kind words! Very glad things went well for you - that is encouraging! Here's hoping they find what they need to clean-up in my heart and then this can all be done!!


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