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Cardiac MRI

I had a cardiac MRI scan last week as the final test of the "plumbing " and blood supply to my heart. The experience wasn't bad only a little claustrophobic , and I got fidgety after a while. If anyone is bothered about having one , don't be.

The detail they can see from the scan is fantastic, its the gold standard of diagnostics.

So the point of this is that my "plumbing "and heart muscle is in good order , the issue is the wiring. Ectopics !!

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Welcome to the world of electrical mis-fires. Some of mine have an obvious cause (getting worked up or under pressure or even exercise) and some are totally random. Had you been getting investigations for long? I felt I had to 'prove' my case at times.


I have had two Holter tests , one Echo and one MRI. Seen two Consultants. Like yourself totally random episodes no distinguishable pattern.


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