SVT and lying down

Does anyone else have symptoms of irregular beats and ectopic beats when lying down. I had a perfectly brilliant day yesterday, busy at work and enjoyable evening. Lay don in bed and my heart went into an irregular beat, stronger beat and I felt sort of unwell-hard to describe. This happens frequently. I find lying on my right side makes it worse. I am getting to the stage where going to bed is something I am almost anticipating will cause a repeat of these symptoms. I take no drugs for my SVT and in March and April only had 2 episodes in each month lasting no more than 2-3 minutes.

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  • Yes, quite norm for me. Its worst if I lie on my left, medium to bad when on my back, and usually OK if I lie on my right. Ive heard some people are the other way round.

  • Its weird , I am the same as you, left side horrific , back ok, right fine.

  • Yes, my worst episode of SVT happened not long after I'd gone to bed, and now I get some ectopic beats when I lie down, but fortunately haven't gone on to have prolonged SVT again. I try to ignore them as I get anxious when I feel it happening and then worry it will provoke the SVT.

  • Thanks for this it helps to know its not just me! I do try to ignore the lurches of the heart and missed beats too. Best wishes.

  • I would guess your issue relates to blood pressure if you only experience ectopics when lying down. For many lying on the left side is worse because the heart position and weight.

  • Thanks Andy, Id not thought about that. maybe I should get my blood pressure checked!!

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