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Coronary Artery Spasm


In March 2015 I suffered a cardiac arrest while exercising with a colleague in my home. My colleague gave me CPR and I was rushed to John Radcliffe in Oxford. At first they thought that I had Long QT but eventually decided that I have CAS. I am 47 and I feel that my life is over. I had a very good but stressful job and had recently gone through an emotional trauma. I am on a cocktail of drugs, I have given up smoking and I am trying to eat healthily. My problem is the unrelenting chronic fatigue. I don't know whether this is part of the condition or from the CA. There is not much information on the condition and I have never been given a prognosis. I am scared all the time, I had no warning of any problems really. I thought I had mild indigestion prior to the event. Anybody have any advice?        

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