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New diagnoses, Nervous

Hello,  for over a month I've been having palpitations and I have been diagnosed with Super Ventricular Tachycardia.  I don't have my ECHO and 24 hour tape tests until next week to make it official and for some kind of treatment to start.  I am very nervous that an episode with happen again, the longest one so far has been an hour and a half. I just want to make it to these tests and not have to go to A&E again.  I've stopped smoking the small amount I did (5-7 a day), cut out the tiny bit of caffeine I had left (sugar free pepsi) and don't drink very much either.  I'm finding it very hard not to spend all day waiting for it to kick off again, does anyone have any advice please?

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I know it's easier said than done but try not to worry about the potential of experiencing another episode of SVT. Sometimes it's comforting to have a clear plan of action in your mind if an episode does occur in the future. My advice would be to take a rest, try and take slow, deep breaths and if the episode is prolonged get some support to get down to your local A & E. It might be worth reading up on vagal manoeuvres to see if you can develop this technique to manage your SVT. It's good to hear that you have tests booked in for next week, in the meantime try and take it easy and distract your thoughts,

Good luck!

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Thank you :)  I'm trying to carry on as normal and trying to remember that I managed to get through a couple of episodes on my own before I knew what they were, and I was fine. so I'm going to focus on that and getting plenty of sleep.

Off to explain it all to my parents today so that they don't worry.

Thank you


Hi there, I too was diagnosed with SVT recently, in January. I know how you feel about wondering when the next episode will occur. I have opted to manage my SVT without any drugs at the moment. My advice would be to first of all try to not think when it is going to happen, I know it's easy to say this but do your normal things. i have recently walked 30 miles over 3 days and swim every morning. If I have an episode I practice the vagaries manoeuvres which are very effective so do read about this on the arrhythmia web site it will avoid trips to hospital. The more relaxed you can be the better. Remember SVT is not life threatening and  even if you have palps they will pass and you will be fine. I stopped drinking all alcohol and have cut out caffeine too and I do notice a difference. Also eating spicy food late at night I avoid. Good luck with managing your SVT remember you are not alone and you wil be fine, it's just getting your head round  it all !! 

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I have arrhythmia almost every day . It's very hard for me to stay calm . Especially , when goes on and on and it seems never to stop !

I found some help with the information about the condition , knowing what it's going on helps . When I feel like I will loose it , I try very hard to distract my thoughts .

Hope You feeling better soon 🌞


Omg I can not tell you how relieved I am to find you all on here. In was diagnosed with SVT yesterday after collapsing at the gym with high heart rate and low BP. I was terrified. Drs everywhere in the ER and paramedics looking concerned. I having had an ECG yet but am so scared by all this . I tried researching it and just found loads of pages about horror stories which made me cry. This is the first time I feel treasured since leaving hospital.


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