Waiting for ICD

Does anyone know how long the wait is for fitting ICD. I suffered heart attack on 2nd Sept 15 and was informed after tests that the only thing they could do to help was to fit ICD.

The hospital in my arrear does not fit ICDs so my request was forwarded to another health authority and marked as urgent.

I have been informed that it will not be getting fitted until August 2016 this is 11 months later.

Is this usual for a case that is marked as urgent.

i am 52 years old and now unable to walk to the end of the road without needing to rest and having to take a handful of meds for breakfast and throughout the day.

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  • Hi Jo,

    my GP has tried to push them and like me he thinks the hospital has messed up somewhere. My referral for ICD was marked urgent in November so to be told now it is a 6 month wait is a bit concerning.



  • That doesn't sound right. Be proactive and follow it up. Find out from your doctor where it's been referred to and chase them up. Where do you live?

  • Hi, i live in Bath and the RUH does not put in ICD's and i have been referred to Swindon which is a different health authority.

    I originally had heart attack 2nd Sept and was recommended for ICD end of November as urgent and heard nothing. Contacted Swindon end of January who said they have had no notification of me. My consultant's secretary says she has now sent my recommendation and it is a 6 month waiting list.



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