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dilated cardiomyopathy/ventricular tachycardia

does anyone have problems with there medication i have had mine changed 4 times now as bisoporil does not agree with me so now i am on carvedilol eplerenone and ramipril says on the box eplerenone take half a tablet in the morning ramipril take one tablet twice a day carvedilol half a tablet twice a day so thats one full ramipril in a morning and 2 half tablets in the morning the only trouble with that is it puts me on my back feeling really rough for 2 hrs then i come round has anybody tried splitting them throughout the day as i feel this is the path i need they work once there in my system i sort of feel ok but its the timing thats the problem

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I had a problem with Ramipril as it made me cough constantly and felt rough so was changed to candestartan, no further probs.



they told me that was a side affect to ramipril but i have been ok on that


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