not been on site for a while

Reminds me I have a f . On Flecainide and getting used to it. I am in nth yorkshire - is anyone near to me? ( the coast)

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  • Sounds as if you are in need of a group Scarborough based. There is a group York based if you get desperate. Cheers.

  • thank you- scarborough would be good though

  • york is a long way to go - on Flecainide now and seem to be winning

  • Perhaps somone will pick this up in your neck of the woods. Good luck.

  • Sorry for late reply - we are hoping for a group in the near future to cover East Yorks and Scarbro area

  • Please can you tells when and where York group meet. I'm in East Yorkshire

  • Hi Suzie A

    Not sure. we are trying to start a group in Scarbro which would also cover E. Yorks. York is such a long way to go and if you are having a bad day it can be awkward.Keep in touch

  • Thanks will wait to hear from you

  • Hi buddje Are you close to Filey?

  • Hi Yorkie ,yes I am in Filey

  • HI buddje. I am also in Filey. maybe meet up sometime in the new year. Maybe we might be able to start a support group here in Filey. Best wishes a A.f free Christmas.

  • I am involved in setting up a support group for us . Ist meeting is 20th Jan at 6.15 at The Street in Scarborough but we must meet up anyway in New Year in Filey

  • Hi, Good luck with the support group. Hope it is a success. Best wishes yorkie

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