Bad Day :(

Is ok not looking specifically for advice. Just to tell someone I've had a really bad day. Worst one since was in hospital in September. Managed a short walk of about 100 metres and got to point of collapse. Slept for 4 hours. Had constant chest pain since.....even with morphine! Hurts to breathe. Hurts to lat down. Had enough now. Got 4 mth wait to see EP again! When I asked to see him sooner he said no because of the amount of patients he has to get through. I have IST.

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  • Hi Cassie68; I also have IST! Sounds like you've had a really rubbish day! I understand how difficult it is I've had 47 ambulances in the last year and been into hospital with it 39 times in the last year with my IST! I know how hard it is try and keep your chin up though and hold on to the days you have where you're slightly better :-)

  • Thanks Jwood am trying. Really 39 times. Did they do anything to help??

  • Yeah 39 times, no I've nearly been given adenosine and cardioversion has been spoke about as few times I've never actually had to have them though

  • My EP refuses to do anything other than medication.....can't even seem to get right sort or right dose. Is a nightmare. Went for short walk yesterday which has bought this attack on very badly. How long do you leave it before going A and E?

  • My EP won't do anything other than medication either! And I'm having no luck on te one I'm one and he won't change it! I leave it as long as I possibly can before becoming really unwell if it's above 200bpm I'll leave it 5 mins max if it's between 180bpm and 190bpm I tend to leave it until I feel really ill and then te ambulane crew make the decision wether I should go in or not! I have to be carefull when it goes up because my blood pressure is very prone to dropping really low and my sats drop sometimes too

  • We sound very similar! Ok thanks for your help. Only 124 bomb but feel so bad.

  • Yeah we do, I think the struggle for most IST patients is that they don't know what to do! Heart rate is relative to you so if 124bpm is making you feel bad you could always go and see your doctors on call maybe a fresh pair of eyes could help!

  • you might have pericarditis......

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