Arrhythmia Alliance

Good News from Australia

I have just been in contact with one of the campaigners to promote awareness of Arrhythmia in Australia, under the Arrhythmia Alliance Banner. She has had experience in this realm before and has suffered with her own heart condition since she has been very young. She will be travelling to all States in the coming months with educational material and resources for GP's Hospitals and patients. I had been wading through a list of EP's and hospitals to enable me to gain a second opinion for both medication and ablation. She has now provided me with a few EP's to choose from, and as you can imagine being in a Regional area without any EP's means you need to travel. I am sure in the coming months there will be more notice taken of this condition with appropriate information given to both Patients and Health Professionals, instead of learning in the midst of attacks with no reference points or any idea of where to go as this condition progresses. She will be fairly busy for the next few months, but I am sure some news will be posted to everyone on this and other sites, when this is completed. I for one am appreciative of any information provided which is sadly lacking concerning this condition. Its good to know that something is being done to educate everyone.


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