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my dad had a bypass in july he has been diagnosed with AF, he is finding it very difficult to breathe is this a sympton of AF

he has been to hospital numerous times for every test under the sun but they havent come up with any answers or solutions he is getting very depressed because he feels much worse then before the op . The op it self was done keyhole i just want to know really is it the AF thats causing his breathing difficulties and what are the treatments that can be done thankyou

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Hi rolothedog

The two should not be related, difficulty breathing and AF should not be hand in hand, so get him to seek medical advice please. Bypass sometimes causes AF, he will need to be treated for it, but this is separate, he will probably need to be on an anti-coagulant like warfarin, and also need some rhythm control or rate control drugs, has he taken his own pulse? what sort of heart rate has he got?

Good luck



thanks for replying so quickly hes on warfarin as he had dvt prior to the heart condition he is always at the drs or hospital on a regular basis hes been admitted 3 times since his op all results from the tests do not show why hes not breathing properly the only thing wrong as far as we can see is the arrhymia


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