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BBC Radio 4 Appeal for Hearts & Goals

BBC Radio 4 Appeal for Hearts & Goals

Earlier this year we applied for a BBC Radio 4 Appeal and were fortunate enough to secure one for our Hearts & Goals campaign. Heather Richards lent her voice to the Appeal when she learned more about our work to support the placement of lifesaving AEDs in communities when her son Dylan bought one of our information booklets home from school.

Heather was impassioned to join Hearts & Goals and understands the lifesaving difference that can me made with CPR and use of an AED more than most; she lost her husband, Alex, to sudden cardiac arrest in August 2012. He had returned home from a family holiday a few days early while his family continued to enjoy their trip. He lost his life to sudden cardiac arrest while out on a lunchtime run.

The Appeal was first broadcast yesterday (24 November) and will be repeated again this Thursday at 15:27 GMT. You can listen back and learn more here:

Please share and help make Heather's appeal reach as far and as wide as possible! Thank you.

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