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Hearing Tests & Hearing Screening - Pediatric ENT

Hearing Tests & Hearing Screening - Pediatric ENT

ENT for Children offers a wide array of hearing tests for children of all ages. To ensure a correct evaluation, our physician will perform a complete physical examination and will look into the medical history of your child.

Some of our hearing tests can be performed on children of all ages, while others are especially designed to meet the age and level of understanding of the child.


There are two types of hearing tests for newborns that may be conducted in concert when necessary, namely EOAE (evoked otoacoustic emissions) and ABR (auditory brainstem response). In the event the screening determines that the newborn could be suffering from hearing loss, then further investigations will be taken immediately.

The hearing loss should be identified before the newborn is three months old. In case a condition is detected, then the treatment must begin before the baby is six months old, a time frame that is critical for the child’s healthy speech and language development.

ENT for Children is a pediatric otolaryngology practice in Paramus, NJ. We focus on head and neck surgery, and treatment of disorders of the ear, nose, and throat. Our goal is to provide the best possible care for children and their family.

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