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Progressive hearing loss


I'm practically deaf only 18 percent out of 100 left. I'm late deafened. This condition affects my life far more than any of my conditions. It's terribly frustrating living in a hearing world, and being so limited. I must Rely on others to hear for me. I have bad days and level days as I call them. Anyone else unable to hear?

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Hi, I'm almost totally deaf in my left ear - oddest bit is I can't tell direction of sound I can hear. Have you considered learning sign language to help out a bit? Get your friends and family to learn a little bit?

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I know some sign , I'm still learning. Doing ok I guess. It's easier to have a conversation with other deaf people. But not with my family. They hear quite well lol

Do you have a lip reading class near to you? I just started last week and you get to meet people in the same situation as you.


Hi, I too lost a lot of my hearing from both ears so suddenly with my initial flair of GPA. Unfortunately I wasn't treated at the time with anything but painkillers so the hearing has gone for good. I have had three lots of grommets inserted since which are amazing while they last and am now scheduled for bilateral T tube grommets which hopefully will last longer. In the meantime I rely on hearing aids which are an asset to me at the moment. Have you been offered anything to help you? I sympathize greatly with you - it seems such a solitary life when you can't get involved in things. Let me know how you get on. Ann x

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Hi ann, your so right , and thank you. I have one hearing aid at the present time. Waiting for my insurance to cover the other one. Yet it doesn't offer me much help.

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