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Post op underwear


I'm planning ahead, not knowing when my hysterectomy will take place. :) What is the best underwear for post op? Are we talking about buying special undies or your regular underwear in a bigger size?

Also, how much blood loss did you have in your surgical bleed? Would a normal Always pad be enough? How long did it last for?

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Hi hunnypot93,I found I felt more comfortable post op with big knickers (full briefs, normal size). Once a I was able to move around more and walk I wore full briefs with a little support at the front over my bikini scar. I can’t advise on post op bleeding as I didn’t have any at all! I had bought night time pads in case but didn’t need them. Hope this helps! S x

Hi hunnypot93, yes I was the same, just looser full briefs were the best, just didn’t want anything tight around my middle - so also lived in a pair of trackies for weeks (it was winter) ! I did find support pants more useful after a couple of months when out for a long walk as it felt like it helped with my weakened tummy muscles. Same as stivesmaid, I didn’t have any post-op bleeding. May depend what type of op you have? Mine was abdominal and sub-total, so cervix left in situ x

Hi Hunnypot93,Here is a link to the post op undies that were recommend to me. I waited 2 weeks until I wore them just because I didn’t want them rubbing on my stitches. But they worked well afterwards.

Post Op Panty Compression...

Also bleeding was no more than 1 normal pad a day at the start then tapered off. Overall for me this lasted maybe 2 weeks only because I had large blood clots that needed to be monitored.

Thank you everyone, for your replies. I will be having abdominal , sub total like you LouiseD1. Hopefully I will be the same as you and StIvesmaid and have no bleeding. I don't own full briefs so I will get some of those. Thank you for the link 4dogs81. They look like they will support. I think I will be getting some of those too.

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