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Where can I get post hysterectomy support?


I had a hysterectomy in December. I would like to talk to a professional or support line either online or on the phone regarding how I'm feeling 6 months post op.

Does anyone know who I could contact please?

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I found this group on Facebook very useful before and after my hysterectomy. About how your feeling etc...other ladies that have been through...but we are not medical professionals so if your needing that you should talk to your G.P

Hello Beth

Did you have your ovaries removed as well. If so, you are probably experiencing surgical menopause. Menopause Support, set up by Diane Danzebrink, would be an excellent place for you to look for support. Diane recently did an Instagram live on surgical menopause, which is worth watching. You should also speak to your GP.


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Sorry, here’s the link

menopausesupport.co.uk/ - there is also a Facebook group.

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