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Night sweats


I'm 38 yrs young . I had a total hysterectomy done but I still have my ovaries. I had my hysterectomy done in 2018 nov.. But I been having these night sweats when sleeping that leave my pjs soaked and wet.. Just wanted to know if anyone else has gone through this

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Hi Keez, it does sound like menopause symptoms so maybe your ovaries have started to fail ? I had a TAH exactly the same time as you. I kept my ovary (other had been removed 2 years earlier) with the hope that it would keep working for a few years more. But mine failed immediately and I went straight in to full on surgical menopause after the op, hot flushes, lack of sleep, aching joints etc etc. I went on to HRT after 12 weeks which was a lifesaver for me, resolved all symptoms. I know HRT is not for everyone but might be something to go and investigate with your doctor ? Especially as you are so young, as it will help with maintaining bone density etc.

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Thank you so much for the advice.. I will be speaking to my doctor about it..

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