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So I’m five days post op, and I have a few questions.

Did I have to keep the stockings on? I wasn’t told too but now am wondering as I’m stuck in bed.

Also are headaches normal? I’m taking pain killers but can’t shift it. Any tips?

I have a catheter booooo , I failed the test twice in hospital. I’m having it taken out on Thursday , what happens if I fail again?

Happy new year


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Hello again. Glad to hear your op went ok.

I had to keep the stockings on for 6 weeks or until I was “fully mobile and active”.

Have they put you on HRT? That could help with the headaches if they are hormone-related. Otherwise it could be the anaesthetic? I had several migraines in the 10days after my op caused by all of the meds according to the doctors/nurses. The last one was several weeks ago, so fingers crossed they are gone now.

No info on catheter, sorry, but hopefully you will be rid very soon.

Best of luck for your recovery!

The stockings get uncomfortable don’t they? I was told to keep mine on until I had finished my blood thinning injections (2 weeks). I can’t offer any view on your headaches, or suggest what may happen with your catheter. By failing the test I assume you mean you haven’t been able to empty your bladder sufficiently. Hopefully you will be getting better able to do this and will be fine on Thursday. Good luck x

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