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10 Months post TAH


Hi everyone

My journey so far, August last year I started with usual bleeding, ( my periods had previously been regular,what I thought normal pain free, for 33 years, had a normal pregnancy,) the bleeding did not stop and became heavier, was sent by GP for TVS which found abnormal womb, fibroids and cyst on ovary, saw a gynae within a week and was MRI, bloods, etc. following week TAH was booked along with seeing a bowel consultant. After a rather long operation I woke to, having gone through the surgical menopause, my life was changed witin an afternoon., all my organs were tied up in endo, including my appendix. My recovery has been difficult its the understanding and expecting what's happened I literally crave for a period, I'm on HRT as I suffered the first night with hot flushes/sweats, it has been adjusted a few times, but my body still goes through a 25 cycle, with mood, skin change, food craving. I find it hard to explain to people around they can't see any physically signs ie like if you break a leg its seen! So they think everything's okay. I've had both urine and bladder issues, I'm awaiting further surgery to remove adhension/endo and now I'm suffering with consipaction. The positives I know why I couldn't loose weight, which has since been achieved, I've never been so fit in my life, i take time for myself in caring for my hair, skin, nail etc, I look at what I eat. I've been lucky I've had a very big wake up call I never thought it would be me. However I want my life back, I feel lost without my monthly bleed, it happened so suddenly and I lost part of my body, my womanhood, which can't be replaced. At times that's a feeling of isolation and been detachment from my friends who are all the same age, and not on the 'change',

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Take care x

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Thanks for sharing your story. X


Hi Tjbear, hope you are well! give us an update when you can :)

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