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cjd endoscopy

cjd endoscopy

Well thats what greated me at voice clinic.

What are doctors not telling us about farmers legacy and CJD & Dementia

A prion dieases is a dieases IN my view.

Today at hospital i was asked if i was aware of CJD and cjd endoscopy ER i said NO and endoscopy machine don't look like a cow .

Guess i could of been mistaken BUT dout it.

As anyone been made aware of cjd prion dieases AND endoscopy.


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When I was last in hospital the nurse went through the normal questions are you allergic to anything etc, then she asked has anyone ever said you've got Creutzfelt Jakob Disease. I was surprised to be asked this and wondered why. My friend who was with me said that's mad cow disease, they probably ask everyone. But tonight looking up about my insomnia symptoms lead to CJD being one of the diseases severe insomnia can lead to. I haven't heard anything about the endoscopy related to it. I do have hiatus hernia. What happened next for you? did they test you for it? Hope you're ok. It's worrying when you're asked things you're not expecting.

Best healthy wishes

Laurie Rose

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I was just tad surprised EVEN more by way carried on.

I put it down to my dad having dementia.

This lots doctors don't disclose SO thought i would do bit research.

I have quite bucket list of condition's NOT quite bucket list i would like SO am making best of it and trying working my way threw every specialist :)

Defo agree is worry AND not sleeping great is not good for you


Hm not good. What do you mean about putting it down to your dad having dementia? Do you mean that's why you think you were asked if you had heard of CJD? My dad had early onset dementia, consequently he hardly ever slept, neither do the rest of my family. It's horrific really, but I'm trying not to be a Debbie Downer. Do you know why you have so many conditions? What are they.

Humph I'm not like you going through the specialists, I'm fed up of medical appointments now. I just want to be well and get back to work, nearly 50 years old and have some pension building left to do, want to leave something behind for my children and grandchildren.

As for the not sleeping there are things I haven't tried because they are not available on the NHS, such as melatonin which I've heard quite a few people have had success with. There was a really strong painkiller I was given in hospital a while back which sent me off pretty quick, oh it was bliss...I could hear myself snoring haha. unfortunately it was short-lived they said I had to stay awake. ooh anyway time to be hitting the sack here, goodnight, sleep well hopefully x

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Hi yer i have lung issues immunity issues bone issues.

As to my dad he's final stage dementia and your right the don't sleep just cat naps he seems to have.

Sorry to read about your issues i think lot of your issues could be that fabromalgia caused by polycystic ovaries WELL if i was gambling man.

Why i say that about dementia and cjd

Well the prion disease and given bse disease jumped spiceses to humans.

So its quite posable you can catch dementia.

Here is interesting read


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I found out that the nurse probably just asked if I had been in contact with CJD and its not normal to ask. I had to go to drs today for follow up and dr there is referring me to orthopaedics tomorrow and for a scan as he says its more to do with my back, I have stronger painkillers, higher dose of codeine and Valium...hoping to sleep soon. That's interesting about the connection with dementia, I will read the article now. Hope youre feeling better or soon will. x

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Hi sorry to hear about pain your in.

Guess you will find out one way or other.

Was reading stronger pain kilkers the stronger pain AM not 100% but think codine dose that as addictive.

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thank you, although still in pain I feel a bit brighter and closer to finding the reason now ive seen the specialists. it's like getting to the bottom of a mystery haha, shouldn't be long till I find out, Yes, they have only given five day dose this time, last lot was two days and before that I can't remember thing was longer but naproxen which didn't work. anyway onwards and upwards.

What's happening about your immunity and bone issues, are they under control now?

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Glad ya on good stuff for pain .. have to let us know when find out what going on with you.

As to me I wish but things move lot slower.

I was apost to be having IGM antibody injections but as bloids shown slight improvement i.e its been delayed.

But i dont think my lungs can cope with lot more chest infections.


yes thank you I will do.

oh sorry to hear that keep on, wish they get you back to good health

good some improvement but if that means your on borderline for treatment I guess not great, maybe will fluctuate and then you can get treatment.

Have you tried any alternative remedies. my asthma has gone from severe last November to mild at last FEV check, the only changes I've done are walking more by the sea, changing my diet to a low carb, high fibre and forcing myself to drink more water...this has caused less mucus and my lungs feel clearer for the fresh air.

Also keeping away from people with viral infections. Maybe this will help you or you are doing already.

Another thing is meditation, especially the full body scan...it's amazing what we can control with our minds and distraction techniques...CBT can teach this.

Most chest infections are due to inflammation in the body, that is why often they are treated with anti inflammatories but these have their side effects which can be as bad as the intial symptoms

I think the answer is trying different ones until the drs can get the balance right for you, time consuming but helps have a positive outlook. It should get better.

Keep me posted, I'll follow this post to keep my beady ok nosey eye open haha x

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Hi defo agree about inflamation.

Walking is bit of issue with lungs and bones AND virues's

Have tried most things to try stay fit ACHIVE one thing THEN wheels fall off something else.

Am hoping am over worse BUT i wont hold my breath.

Cheers n thanks for reply yup be as nosey as you want lol

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cool. Aw thanks will do hehe. Well take care I'm off to bed now feeling nice and heady, good chatting to you x

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Hi cheers thanks for reply's chat .. as been good chatting too ;)


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