The "Angelina Jolie effect"

Interesting piece by GP Max Pemberton on the role of celebrities in raising awareness of public health messages: "Real behaviour change requires a far more subtle, sustained engagement between professional charities and the general public".

4 Replies

  • If you want to be informed - the NHS Behind the Headlines site has looked at the evidence behind this newspaper report

  • Sadly I think the Telegraph is right and it is not just for health. If you can get a celeb behind your you it really helps. Look at Joanna Lumley and the Ghurkas, I am sure they would not have achieved what they did without her.

  • Good article but not much about how the alternative can be put into place. It is simple to have an Angelina Jolie do her thing if she is willing, but not so simple to add PR to the extremely long list of tasks required of our researchers and medical staff.

  • Agreed - a "sustained engagement between professionals, charities and the general public. " is far from a simple undertaking. Can't disagree that more awareness should be put on this and no harm in advocating caution against complacency when promosing trends develop from celeb advocacy.

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