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Sweeteners linked to obesity

In the Daily Express, the Guardian, The Times, The Telegraph and The Independent today a study has been reported that appears to link saccharin intake with obesity and diabetes. In the study on mice, high saccharin intake resulted in high blood sugar levels by altering gut bacteria.

Principal Dietitian at St. George's Hospital, London, Catherine Collins responded with "Suggesting sweeteners like saccharin may cause problems with blood sugar is bound to generate worried interest from users. But if we separate the results from reality there's no real human story here at all", adding that because the diet of the test mice was so different from the average human, the result could not be reliably extrapolated.

For an expert round-up of the science behind this story, see the Science Media Centre's 'Expert Reaction':

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Thanks Lauren. We're also looking at this on Behind the Headlines today! Check after 4.30pm for the full story.


Hi Everyone, the behind the Headlines response is now up:


Artificial sweeteners bound to set the stage for diabetes in some people and soda plays a

role in the epidemic of obesity. People should start eating fresh organic foods. Avoid junks that are bad for the health. Thanks for the share.