"Beware of toxic fad detox diets"

"Beware of toxic fad detox diets"

Dr Miriam Stoppard, GP and writer for the Daily Mirror feels like she's been "banging her head against a brick wall" trying to convince everyone that detox is a "load of rubbish". With the expert advice included in our guide, Making Sense of Chemical Stories, she reminded her readers this week that the human body is perfectly capable of detoxifying itself without the need for special diets and health regimes - the best thing you can do is have a glass of tap water and a good night's sleep.

See the full guide and posters here: senseaboutscience.org/pages...

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  • Thanks for sharing.



  • Hi, that link doesn't work. It leads to a 'page not found' error.

    Can you fix it? Thanks.

  • Thanks for letting us know - it should be fixed now.

  • Thanks Lauren,

    I'm admin for Sweet's Syndrome UK. Sweet's syndrome is a rare inflammatory skin disorder, and isn't caused by or can't be treated with diet. Despite this fact, we have on-going problems with non-healthcare professionals promoting various diets, including detox diets as a cure for this condition.


  • Hi Shell

    We also have a guide to "miracle cures" and treatments called 'I've Got Nothing To Lose By Trying It' that you might find helpful.

    You can find it here: senseaboutscience.org/resou...

  • Thanks a lot, Lauren. This is very useful.

  • Yes, that's good Lauren. You should include something about mainstream dogma too. For instance, the MRC trials demonstrated that medication to lower blood pressure has little benefit in and of itself, yet this has been a mainstay for decades.

    The assertions about false-hope are poignant whether or not the advocates are health professionals.

  • Hi Shell,

    That must be very frustrating for you.

    To be fair, many people won't think that diet is a cure, and that healthy eating is a necessity for redressing your body's ability to cope with stress. Too much insulin, for example, promotes inflammation. Reducing inflammation will leave the body with more resources to handle other stressors.

  • Is that healthy eating?

  • Your body needs real food to rebuild itself. Too much of anything is bad by definition; history and experience have taught us what the toxic dosage of some of those things are.

  • What do you mean by "real food"? Vague terms like this aren't always useful!

  • Well, its a mix between chemicals and psychology in the end - one is what the body needs and the other makes us feel good about it (aside from encouraging us to remember to fuel up in the first place!)

    In the end, if the gruel contains everything your body needs, if you just eat that by the bucket load, the machine called the body will be fine. Though YOU may be miserable as sin.

  • Came from something living recently. Will spoil if left. Minimally processed. Provides nutrients that your body needs.

    I agree that the distortion of what constitutes real food isn't useful.

  • Good luck with just drinking a glass of tap water and presuming everything will be ok.

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