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Does taking Vitamin C and E supplements "blunt the benefits of endurance training"?

The Times today reports on a study published in the Journal of Physiology which found taking vitamin C and E tablets appeared to 'disrupt the way that muscles respond to exercise'.

Is it common for people doing endurance training to take these supplements? (£)

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I;ve heard that a long of long distance runners take NSAIDs before a race (common in footballers too, apparently), but not supplements


Chris, can you add more detail or any of the references since the times is subscription?


The piece in the Times is very small - but mentions Goran Paulsen at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences as the study lead. I will try and dig up the reference this afternoon.


Its okay Chris - just found the article also covered by the BBC


And here is the original paper:

Though quite why they thought it sensible to create a PDF with line numbers is beyond me.


Seems to be very marginal results since, as Prof. Mike Gleeson points out, they have not recorded any difference in performance.

Interesting to see quite how quickly the supplement industry have countered the report with one of their own - shows their press department is well funded and on the ball ..


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