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Growing fast, should i transfer to a bigger pot?

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Where did you get the seeds ?

Hello Bluelady, it seems to that your seeds are not getting the sunlight they need.. your seeds have gone all leggy.. not much you can do about it when they gone like that, other then eat them as they are.Don't like to disappoint you..but as always you can look look up problems on the internet.

Start again as your not going to get anything from them..but make sure you have your seeds growing in the right environment they need.

The chard will live on! It 2022

My intention was to germinate them, ill try again with a deeper pot and new seed, simultaneously saving these! Alas my veggie patch plan exists!!!

Get some good potting compost, you only can use any size pots for seeds if careful on how you transplant them. There's a few reasons why seeds shoot up to quickly, mostly because of light, I turn the pots round regularly when light is stronger from one direction then the other..and if I see there growing to quickly I put a little bit more compost around the seedlings. I think its winter where you are, so its finding the right place for them in your conservatory with the right sunlight and heat can be a bit tricky..but good luck, and am sure you will be successful eventually..😊👍

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These do look as if they have 'bolted' Bluelady-sing, and, as Happyman4 has already mentioned, this is generally an issue with light. Thy look to me to be rather too far down in their pot and would have benefitted from direct access to light from the top of the pot. I wouldn't give in yet though! It's always worth a try until all hope is gone, but meantime, maybe sow a few more in a shallower container, filled almost to the top. As first aid for the ailing ones, rather than transferring them by pricking them out, which will probably finish them off, try transferring the whole contents of the pot into something shallower and also brushing their tops every time you pass the pot. This stimulates the stems to start to fill out a bit. But I think you should also hope for the best but prepare for the worst. 😞

The Chard will live on in 2022!

That's the spirit 👍....... 😂

Absolutely. If you believe then it will happen. I brought a tomato plant back to life. It was so limp and lifeless. It was a present from a dear lady who unfortunately died and it was a plug plant left on her doorstep for 3 days. Yes I did talk to it everyday and gave it the best care to my knowledge.

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to Bluelady-sing

👍 👍👍😀

Looks like the plants are too warm and not enough light. Btw, bolting in plants means it is setting seed before the veg is mature. Typically get in spinach. You could also try topping up the plants with soil and move them to a cooler place with more light. I don’t think your plants will transplant yet as there is probably little root. If you do replant, I would plant them deep because the stems are weak. Experiment a little as it will enhance your understanding.

Putting the plants under pressure such as gently blowing on them will strengthen them. When I grow tomatoes indoors before they go out to harden off, I walk them around the house.

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PandQs in reply to PhilFreeToAsk

That’s a new one on me, I heard of people talking to their plants to help them along, but not heard of anyone taking them for a walk 😀 makes sense though to get them used to movement of air/wind.

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Bluelady-sing in reply to PandQs

Were doing boggie to Evis as we speak!

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PandQs in reply to Bluelady-sing

One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready and go chard go!

Hi Bluelady-sing

Good luck with the chard.

Zest :-)

This what to aim for. I shall update everyone on the chard! My positive organic plan lives on!p.s one cupful ogf chard gives 1.4mg of iron, for my anaemia

Chard leaf

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