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I’m kind of posting of this as a last resort. I have a big fear of vomiting and I have gone to extremes of sanitizing everything to make sure i don’t get sick. For the past few days i’ve had on and off sickness and felt like i was going to throw up. this raised my nerves and i can’t really tell if it’s just from my nerves or if i’m really sick. I wake up in the middle of the night or just simply from a nap feeling sick. my family had a small bug but they were only sick for a day. i haven’t throw up yet and i’m just scared.

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Remember to breathe! In through your nose, out through your mouth. Try small sips of seven-up or sprite, it can help relax your body and reduce feelings of nausea. Crackers can be good as well. Try a breath of fresh air too!


It is not going to be a instant fix, but something like yoga, meditation or mindfulness seems so very relevant to reducing panic attacks.

Food wise focus on juicing vegetables (which removes pulp/fibre and yet retains all nutrition) to ease digestive process.


I suffer terribly with anxiety! I’m terrified of going to the doctors, so much so that I have panic attacks just before I go in! I’ve downloaded I free app called smiling minds, it’s all about meditation and how to breath, plus it free I do find it helps me when I can feel that awful panic feeling in my chest 😊


Hi there, I hope you are well. I saw your post and thought would share some of my thoughts. I suffer with anxiety and what I realise is that all anxiety is caused by some emotional experience, whether that be a sickness, fear from a particular moment in time, a bad experience or embarassing moment, a habit etc.

You are going to come through this! There will be a day soon that this won't be a problem for you. I suggest, as I am doing, is visiting a counsellor or someone who can work through this with you. My anxieties are starting to fade as I am now beginning to realise that the fears behind the anxiety (root causes) were based on experiences I had growing up. I would suggest spending some time digging up your past (I know not pleasant but it brings freedom!) and seeing whether there were any defining moments that could have built up this fear in your mind.

Eg. I fear rejection. So I people please. But why? Because my father rejected me as a small child. This built a "prison" in my mind - but now I realise that I'm accepted as I am, and I don't have to people please, as the right people in my life would accept me even if I made a mistake.

....I hope you can see that fears are built in the mind from experience....and with counselling, faith and some courage you can break this! It's possible!

You've got this! :)


Hi Adam, what you say is very interesting and I applaud you for being open and honest about yourself and to me this shows self assurance.

And this 'prison in my mind' this to me is very astute, I see drug addiction and alcoholism as people breaking into a prison when they're seeking escapism...

I will tell you something else we all fear rejection it doesn't matter how confident we are or appear to be, we still have anxieties, to me its like welcome to the human race.

To me the secret is to learn to live with ourselves by accepting ourselves for what we are and then focussing on our strengths rather dwell on negativities.

And well done lmxoxjai for being open and honest about yourself and I think Adam's advice about counselling is excellent as are the other suggestions about being mindful and breathing and not worrying about what happens next but whats happening now and this coupled with a healthy diet and exercise like walking and going out and enjoying being out in the fresh air should all help, I'd have thought and I wish you well.

Jerry. 😊


Hello lmxoxjai, I am NOT a guru or expert but perhaps you would like to consider [some of ;)] the following.

Without very much more information it is impossible to determine the cause of your problem.

There are plenty of admirable suggestions above that, if followed, could achieve a good outcome and certainly would improve your situation.

However perhaps a better plan would be to get Professional help to determine the cause of your problem.

It could stem from Physical or Mental Health, Diet [what you actually eat], Exercise [or lack of it] or other Lifestyle factors.

Importantly you obviously care about yourself so firstly ensure you consult your Doctor. The outcome of the Doctors findings may require referral to a Consultant(s) or Counsellor(s).

Treatment and Advice arising from any Professional source should be accepted and followed, especially any concerning Diet, Exercise or essential Lifestyle changes e.g Not working all the time but having time to play, etc.

IMHO everyone NEEDS a Balanced Lifestyle, this incorporates all the KEY Factors namely Health [Physical and Mental], Diet, Exercise and Everything Else that comprises your life.

Juicing can be looked upon as an alternative to Cooking. Think Slow Juicer rather than Blender.

I am a ‘juicer’ and have found that, if there is need, to ‘settle’ a body’s digestive system Fennel could be added to the mix as it will probably help with reducing or even eradicating the feelings of nausea. An On-Line Search for suitable recipes is a good idea, this may avoid incompatible ingredient mixes and wasted ingredients? Your body needs fuel [food and drink] to function and juicing clearly turns solid food into liquid. Personally I am uncomfortable eating Kale and can only manage to drink it, known also as the Queen of Greens, and 50 grams [1.5] leaves is palatable enough to add to a juice drink. However Fibre is essential in your Diet, so the answer is about balance/moderation. Bear in mind it is better to eat a fresh Apple than drink the same Apple as juice.

My exercise is taken, almost every day, by riding a bicycle.

I choose to ride rather than walk because my feet exhibit less problems when cycling. Dependent on Physique and/or Joint Problems steer clear of any exercise, e.g., running, some activities are best suited to those with appropriate build and strength. Being a ‘couch potato’ is not a sensible option but nor is exhausting yourself everyday. It is that word again ‘moderation’.

Work suggests ‘exercise’ that you get paid to do but really it is quite different. Manual Labour can be similar to over exercising, and many such tasks involve equipment and methods to reduce physical input to the minimum tending to promote boredom. Others workers have Mental pressures with the possibility of being restricted in the amount of possible exercise during the work period. Clearly any kind of work needs to be restricted to sustainably manageable periods. Get out in the fresh air, if you can find any, and relax doing some gentle exercising. By now you will have ‘got my drift’?

Being retired [Ex Refrigeration and Air Conditioning] does not stop me from ‘working’. I love working with wood and also fabricate special tools and components in metal. Much of my retirement has been taken up updating my house. Stripped back to the bricks and mortar everything, including Utilities, have been replaced. Because I could not find any Business capable and willing to undertake the job of replacing a non standard wooden Staircase I did it myself. This included everything producing plans on the Computer, making/routing the components and assembly/installation all unaided. The mental exercise was easy, as it was part and parcel of my work experience resolving problems. Handling large pieces of timber was tiring but, treated as ‘exercise’, it was enjoyable. Importantly I did this at ‘my rate’, and you can guess under what terms.

Work is still in progress, always something to do not and enough hours in the day. How did I ever have time to go to work :)

3 Things to Remember:

If you always do what you have always done you will always get what you always got.

No condition is permanent.

Think Positive and Be Positive, don’t look for excuses not to do something find a way to achieve the result needed.

Last but not least you need to be happy, if you are not happy then doing nothing is not an option.

Best wishes.


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