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hi there for those who are on diet and want to loose weight, just to remind that dont escape your meal, eat moderately ,heavy at breakfast and light at lunch & dinner, chew your food , drink water, more on fiber, vegetable ,fruits , salmon fish as much as possible avoid junk food, soda drinks instead drink green tea avoid also pork meat and process food ,do lots of walking , dont seat longer if possible do on yoga exercise .. this is just a friendly reminder for a concern friend :) smile and happy always stress out yourself and pray always because God is still in controll of everything take care of your self because we are made in Gods image and we are his dwelling place .... truly health is wealth :)

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Eat things that are easily digested for breakfast. Never eat meat or eggs for breakfast. I have two staple breakfast meals.

1. Maltabella (or sorghum porridge). Wonderful dish originating from south africa (I think). Doesn't take too long to make and it is fantastic with some honey and a sliced up banana.

2. Congee (rice porridge). Beautiful for when you're feeling sick. You can make a sweet or savoury version, add whatever you want to it. I make mine with vanilla essence, cinnamon, little bit of honey, a banana and some cut up Brazil nuts.

3. Non-caffeine tea. You want to avoid caffeine if possible. My favourite is star anise tea

You can also make teas out of several herbs and spices

Funny enough you can make tea out of dandelion which is apparently very healthy.

You should also consume as many plant based foods as possible. Here are 52 plants you can eat


Hi Mary,

Lots of great suggestions there. I hope you're enjoying your week, and welcome to the Healthy Eating forum. :-)

Zest :-)

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