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BBC - right diet for you

Did anyone watch this series? What do y think?

I thought the science was very interesting. I did the on line test and came out as a Feaster which means I have difficulty stopping eating once I start. The suggested diet and diet for this type of person seems very sensible - high protein and low GI carbs and eat very slowly to allow the hormones to be released from yr gut to reach your brain so that you know to stop.

The results from the experiment with the volunteers seemed impressive weight loss but very real about how difficult it is to make big changes to eating habits.

For those who didn't catch it there is loads of info and links if you google BBC right diet. I think it is on IPlayer so with TunnelBear you may be able to pick it up worldwide.

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Constant Craver, me. I found it very interesting. All I do is think about food. It's my job and my hobby! :)

The idea of fasting is a difficult one for me. Makes me grumpy even thinking about it. Anyone else?


Emotional Eater - which I already knew. The programme was interesting, and good to see that the experts are recognising there are different reasons for gaining weight and losing it needs to be a more individual approach. What they mentioned almost in passing though was that the emotional eaters were given a course of Cognitive behavioural Therapy. but we didnt see any footage of this, nor did they go into any detail. I have long thought that the NHS is missing a trick here, such a huge amount of money is spent on nutritional education and diet information but psychological reasons for weight gain are largely ignored. It would have been really helpful to know more about what they would recommend as regards CBT and whether this can be accessed free, or at a reasonable price.

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I also came out as a Feaster ! I've changed my diet slightly to eat more protein. I lost 2lbs in the first week but nothing the second but did lose inches.

I did notice that their diet was under 1400 cals or so it appeared when I added up the cals from the menu.


Too much protein is bad too. You can make glucose from it, but there are side products including uric acid that your kidneys then have to cope with.

Too much of anything is bad, but the least reactive food is fat, which has been demonised by mainstream 'healthy eating' for decades, so they won't just admit they got it wrong overnight.


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