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The lovely Lake District

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I'm enjoying my walking at the moment, well who wouldn't if they were in the Lakes. I call it my second home.

We walked around Derwentwater today. The Lake is fairly high as they've had a fair bit of rain recently.

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Alicia it looks beautiful. The perfect place for a holiday. I wish I was there. Have a lovely time and take lots of pictures! Ali x

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It certainly is Ali, the Lake District certainly takes some beating.

I took some more pictures today around Rydal Water and Grasmere, it was too windy for the tops today.

How picturesque, what an amazing place to take your holiday.

Hope the rain eases so you can get out and about xx

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Hi Debs

Thank you, it certainly is a great place for a holiday. Fortunately most of the rain has been overnight.

Not good weather tomorrow but the forecast after that is good😀

Hi Alicia,

Beautiful view. Glad you're enjoying your walking in the Lake District, and hope you're enjoying each and every moment of it.

Zest :-)

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Hi Zest

Thank you. The Lake District is such a beautiful place, can't get enough of it.😀


Beautiful! x

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Thank you x

Wow what a wonderful view Alicia...😀

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Thank you Jerry😀

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