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Ramblers association festival of walks starts today. 🌲

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Hi everyone,

I thought that this might be of interest to some as it sounds a good idea to me as some people need a nudge to get out there, personally I prefer walking by myself or with just a friend rather than a big group. But for those who want to socialise and walk its a great idea and they usually start and finish at a pub or a cafe. β˜•οΈ

Here's a link with walks in the festive period 'Walk about with Ramblers' 21st Dec to 6th Jan:


Please remember to be respectful to the environment and farm animals when using public footpaths.

These ladies seemed unperturbed by me I think they were preoccupied with Brexit or what's for Brexit tomorrow...😊

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Great link Jerry. We have arranged to meet up with my sister and her partner for a festive walk over Christmas to a country pub with her mad dog πŸ•

We have a pub opposite us and sometimes at 9 am the car park is full of cars where walkers meet go off for a walk and then return for lunch. It’s a great way to get some exercise and socialise if you like to walk in a group. I’m like you and prefer to walk on my own or with just one or two people.

The sheep look pretty chilled and I think they were thinking about brexit tomorrow.......typing that made me realise brexit is a bit like tomorrow, it never comes lol πŸ™‚

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Thanks Ali,

Your sisters dog sounds just my kind of dog LOL so I'm sure that you'll all enjoy your walk together. 🐢

My brother and I used to drive up onto Dartmoor when there was a storm sometimes and that was awesome, storm chasing appeals to me.

As for Brexit Laurel and Hardy come to mind, thats a fine mess you've got us into...LOL

I was pleased that I heard about the festival of walks today as it is great encouraging people to meet up and enjoy the great outdoors. It's also great in the evening especially on a clear night with the sky full of stars so I'm a midnight rambler too. 😊

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Midnight rambling, now that sounds like fun!

Hi Jerry

That's a relaxing view. Glad you enjoyed your walk, and thanks for the information about the Ramblers.

Zest :-)

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Thanks Zest I love walking/being in the countryside. 😊

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