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i feel like im going crazy and its too much to handle

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I am so sorry you are feeling overwhelmed, Driftr.

I know it is hard to get through those moments. Have you tried different grounding techniques?

One is to name things you can see, hear, touch, smell, taste.

Another one is breathing exercises:

Inhale for the count of 4

Stop for the count of 2

Exhale for the count of 6

Stop for the ciunt of 2

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hi Driftr,

Welcome to this community. I just want to say that you are most definitely not going crazy. It just feels like it. I'm right there with you, so this is a reminder to myself as well.

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Hey there! You are feeling and breathing, not crazy! Try putting your hand on your chest and breath slowly 10 times. These moments pass!!

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Same because all of a sudden I’m thinking, I’m afraid to die.

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Nathalie99Partner in reply to nkotbjoeymc

I am very sorry you are struggling a lot and have a lot of anxiety, nkotbjoeymc.

I think it is human.

Does it help you, knowing we are like you, struggling with different things and we are here for each other, although not in person?

I am struggling for other reasons, and I feel for are not alone, dealing with so much. We are here for you...


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nkotbjoeymc in reply to Nathalie99

It actually doe’s help that I’m not alone.