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Saying what we feel!!!

Hi, it may have been noted that I am commenting more on this site. The reason for this is I've finally stopped worrying to the degree of sickness about what and how I say things.

If I say it wrong, or it isn't grammatically correct then so what! (can't believe I said that, how I've moved on)

I've read comments were people say they read but don't know how, what to reply or what to say ......

To everyone out there reading this site... We are all in this together and if we share we learn. Say what you want in however way you want to and remember Headway monitor the blogs, so if they deem what we say inappropriate they will remove it.

Look forward to hearing from a few new members. As always takecare :)

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Great to hear you are no long worrying! It has taken me two years to write fluently again and I still make lots of mistakes although it is getting better & faster! :)


Very good point Jo and I am really pleased that you found the confidence to make the post!

I hope people follow your example and get their thoughts and feelings out in the open without worrying if they are saying things exactly right.

God Bless


Good for you girl. You have had a traumatic event with drastic consequences for your life. If you can't test out your confidence on here then it would be a sad affair. Many members have difficulties posting, for one reason or another, but I always think "there but for fortune" etc.

.And when a disability is apparent, I feel proud and very moved at the effort involved and the accomplishment. Sorry if that sounds a bit condescending.....I really feel strongly about the fact that those of us who have emerged almost in tact sometimes feel sorry for ourselves.....when our lives, by comparison, are relatively easy.

Best wishes, Jo. xx


It is one of the biggest hurdles getting back some confidence. I am in a primary school part time now and i read with the children, this is a ball breaker for me. I do it and i sometimes struggle. When they do writting they ask me how to spell things, i have to write it down to see if it look right before i tell them or i get a dictionary and find the word with them, using it as an opportunity to reinforce a new skill.

A couple of years ago i would not have been able to do this for myself never mind for someone else. I still see improvements but now they come much more slowly, but are still greatly appreciated.


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