Today's special - Humble Pie

...and for eighteen + years I thought it was just me.

Hello folks, I'm Ryan and way back in September 1994 I acquired tbi as the result of crashing my car. I came across this site over the weekend and was compelled to join what looks like a fabulous community. Hopefully, I will be able to offer some advice, although I know that no two brain injuries are the same, but at least I will be able to offer my support, encouragement and understanding.

Leaving thoughts: These challenges make us stronger!

At spes non fracta - but hope is not yet broken.


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  • Welcome :)

  • welcome Ryan

  • Hi Ryan, come in and make yourself comfy. xx

  • Ryan, welcome to the site and hopefully if needed the members can help you as well :)

  • The more the merrier Ryan, pleased to meet you :)

  • Hello Ryan. An 18/19 year veteran like myself! Nice to meet you

  • good to have another friend

  • Hi Ryan - Nice motto!

    vobis gratus - according to google translate that means welcome to you :-)

  • hi ryan

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