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Remember this

Latest blog from: hopegoesupanddown.blogspot.com - a record of the hope, terror and unknown future faced when the one you love most in the world suffers a brain injury.

Our wedding in New York

Our honeymoon in California

Our beautiful new home

Our roles

Our rules

Our plans

Our secrets

Your degree

Your second career

Your colleagues

Your words

Your age

Your triumphs, trials, decisions and set-backs

My flaws

My quirks

My fears

My dreams

...my name

These memories may be lost to you my love, but they are just moments in time and I promise you we will make more.

So, if you remember nothing else remember this; my name doesn't matter because I will love you every day, forever; you are truly amazing and we have literally millions of new moments ahead together with which to make new, wonderful memories.

Lets start today.

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i don't remember my wedding or memories with emotions attached to them. i know facts about my life, but i don't know if these are memories, or just things i have been told

it was a bit odd, because i don't really remember at what point i knew i didn't remember these things, because i didn't remember them i didn't know they were missing.

and thinking back i don't know at what point i knew that they were missing, its not like i woke up and didn't know anyone, i did, but there are huge gaps everywhere

i know where i went to school, i don't remember being there, and when i mention my school, i have a picture in my head of the school as it is from the road after i went to revisit it to make a new memory

the odd thing is i remember the registration number of an old car my dad had when we were kids, i don't know how or why i remember this i just do


Thank you for your lovely words & positive thoughts. It inspires me to remember I can make my new life work too. Good luck. Helen. X


of all the things that remain love is the one

i dont know who i am i dont care who you used to be

but i know i love you an that is all that matters to me

in time of sorrow trouble an strife im glad to know that you ARE my wife

partner couple or someone to be

i just need to know that you love me

go on cry u know you want to


When I 'woke up', I 'met' a year-old baby. I still don't remember her being tiny, me being pregnant, us moving house so we'd have room for her, or me breastfeeding her (which I didn't do for baby No.1). The important thing is, though, I love her to pieces, now.

He will hopefully know what he loves, even if he doesn't remember all the details.


You write so movingly. Just want you and your Jake to know that since discovering your blog, I often think of you and wish you well.


What a lovely, complete way to show that - regardless what happened - you're still there for him and are dealing with the 'now', not the past - or even the 'if only'!

Having had a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) 20 years ago, after being married for one month, my wife remained there for me - many aspects prior to, and even since, my TBI are often recalled as 'snapshots'.

There is sometimes/often no/little real emotion linked to each snapshot, as though they are snapshots of someone elses life; but simply because my wifes emotions didn't waver, but seemed to have strengthened - this has resulted in a much deeper, stronger, more solid complete love being developed, between the two of us, as a result.


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