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We need more members

Headway Hull and Headway Scunthorpe member numbers are starting to dwindle.

I think the main reason for this is the lack of publicity.

I originally joined Headway Grimsby. It disbanded (has started up again) and i joined the Scunthorpe branch as it was just starting up.

Lots of members in the group but over the yrs ppl have moved on.

A few yrs ago during Xmas period i joined the Hull group so i could have 2 Xmas meetings and therefore 2 Xmas Dinners. (method in my madness).

The question im asking is whether or not people are aware that Headway Scunthorpe and Hull actually exist?

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Hi Spideyman, I guess people are not aware of (not all, anyway!) the various local groups in towns around the country (shame, but true!). After my brain injury (Jan 2008) it was 4 years before i knew headway existed, and that was only because my husband found the link on another forum. We have a local group here in Doncaster who meet once a month, but there will be survivors who can't go out alone and therefore don't attend the meetings. (I'm one of these) More awareness about headway is a must :)


Morning Spideyman. Can you tell me the details of the Hull branch. Like Leslie I think that the groups are not advertised (I havent seen any for one in our area) Where does the group meet, and how often, and how can I contact them. Thanks so much


Me too please. Wasn't aware of one in Hull.


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