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speed question answered


I had contacted the DVLA about this but they just point me to their website and refuse to specifically answer this question, also contacted my local chief inspector, but he just quoted the rules from the DVLA web page (which doesn't cover my vehicle)

I have an adapted Vw Caravelle (for wheelchair use) like the one on the link page below

No one seemed to be able to give me a definitive answer, my van is not a commercial vehicle and has an M1 type approval to show that its a passenger vehicle

on a dual carriageway with a 70mph speed limit, vans are limited to 60 mph but as my van for the purpose of the rules is not a van and theDVLA doesn't clarify my type of vehicle

I didn't want to be the one to test whether i was allowed to do 70mph and risk points on my license

i contacted the police and asked them to forward my problem to a traffic officer and ask him would he stop me if i was doing 70mph on a 70mph dual carriageway and i received a response today (it has taken me over a year to find out the answer to this as no one seemed to want to say one way or another




Hi Mark, as promised we have a response from our Traffic Department for you!

"If the vehicle has an M1 type approval then it isn't a goods vehicle and is, as the enquirer states, a passenger vehicle.

M1 is the first classification of passenger carrying vehicle with not more than eight seats in addition to the driver. In common parlance - a car.

M2 and M3 relate to buses and minibuses which do have a dual carriageway speed restriction of 60 mph.

As our enquirers vehicle is officially a car, there is no vehicle related speed restriction in place, so he can drive at the posted speed limit."


so please share this with any disability groups you are on as it could save some people from getting a ticket if they get unfairly classed as a van, and its nice to have a definitive answer

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Thanks for this information. I will definitely pass it on.


you are defiantly one for checking out the rules, and good for you too, thanks for passing this onto us

I am not surprised by the response from DVLA I have found them worse than useless.

After my operation in October 2007 I automatically lost my licence for 6 months and then in the absence of any seizures had a medical confirming I was medically fit to drive. A couple of months after my new driving licence had been issued to me I received a letter telling me that it had been over 10 years since I updated my photo. I called and explained that my licence was only a couple of months old and the reasons why;

I was told there was no record of me having notified the DVLA of my illness and must submit all medical reports so that if could be determined if I was eligible to drive. Twits came to mind. There have been cases where people have slipped off the system altogether and been told they do not have a valid licence when they do, and had to retake their driving test.


now then a bit more for you

my brother has got a trani camper

it is reg as a camper

however he put some boxes in it the other day and got a pull

they said that he had wrong incurance for carrying stuff in it and took it to pound

230 quid later he gott it back

any way bikerlyfestyle you took time too find out so you caan smile the smile if you get a tugggggg well done


registering it as a camper means it still retains its van title, its the type approval that that defines what the vehicle is, so the transit will still be a transit (van) whatever mods you do to it

when i had my first trike built you have to give it a make and model when registering it on a Q plate

the make was Yoda

the Model was Jedi master,

so if the police stopped me, i could legally say i was riding a yoda jedi master :)


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