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Things that Work

Some strategies I've come up with to make me feel better...

Cinema. Watching cinema is one of the few times I can say I feel fine. Even on a good day I'm still feeling at best 90% fine. But I think cinema keeps my sight and hearing senses occupied while being at just the right complexity for my brain to make everything feel fine. TV doesn't have the same effect, I'd rather be listening to the radio.

Gym. I joined one. I can't stand gyms and especially not this style of very expensive corporate and soulless gym. They're the modern workhouses, people voluntarily putting themselves on the treadmill to work harder while avoiding any socialising with anyone else like the London underground. But it's close and it has a swimming pool and that's a nice way to exercise which can match my abilities on the day (lengths if I'm feeling good, hot tub if not). And it has a cafe so I can go and work there if I need a change of scene (I work from home) and I don't feel pressure to pay for lots of drinks like at a real cafe. And I occasionally even use the gym, it's not my preferred form of exercise but on cold days I'm more likely to do that than something outside.

Coaching. Those who can do, those who can't teach. Well I'll never become an Olympic paddler now but I can coach other people to do it.

Couchsurfing. This website lets you advertise your sofa to travellers from around the world to stay for a night or three. I like meeting new people from interesting places, showing off my city to them and practicing my social skills. Head trauma makes it harder to be friendly and sociable so like any skill is needs practiced. Here's a good way to do that.

okcupid. Free dating website. Alas I'm yet to find anyone who wants to date someone with head trauma for long but it's fun to try anyway.

Alexander Technique. I get people recommending any number of hippy placaebo therapies that wouldn't do much but this isn't one of them. I do have bad posture after the head trauma and alexander technique is a slow re-learning of how to hold good posture without effort in the way that five years olds naturally do.

Massage. Take what you're given and be grateful. A friend of mine was learning to be a massage therapist so I was a happy guinea pig.

This website. My head trauma isn't bad enough to keep me away from work or for the NHS to be able to do much and the local Headway said they'd need me to jump through various hoops for me to be able to go to their social events to get peer support from people with similar experiences but this website is nice to be able to read about similar people having similar experiences.

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What a fantastic, positive and useful post!! Thank you x


Brilliant, this is exactly what I hoped to gain from this site, precious insight like that, if everyone shared what works for them we might be able to create a a unique set of rules and advice for those coping with brain injury, from treatments to dealing with stress to working to dating, etc. Most people understandably need to unload their fustrations, it helps but it doesn't always advance us.


Great post thanks for brightening the day with a bit of positivity... I keep meaning to look into the Alexander technique... apparently it can help with posture and have a positive effect on balance...I have popped it near the top of my list again.

I really like your approach..I hope it works for you and pays you back in spades...


Love what you have to say, very interesting x


You shared some great ideas!

I too love the cinema and even toddle of to see a film on my own now, my hearing

isn't so good and the surround sound is so much better than tv

Thank you for happy thoughts, big hugs, Linda x


enjoyed reading your success story's good for you.

Someone is not dating a person with head trauma there dating you, and you seem like a fun person to be around.

Like your idea of 'Couchsurfing' when I was unable to get out and about I took in language students which gave me someone to talk to and do things for, I called them my window on the world.


there is plenty of good ideas some will work some not i have been at it now for over 6 years i have had to do this with no help from anybody till i found about headway last year from another organisation,thats right doctors specialists never told me about headway,was told you will have to find out what suits you and what does not,trial and error its a long journey and i am still on the road, so at the this time i am in thailand for 3 months i feel a lot better still have problems but not as bad when i am in england it works for me the heat and sunshine has a healing effect, i wish you could all be here with me,also i have more friends here from all over the world that helps as well you are never lonely here, if anybody is able and wants to come to thailand i will help you and put you in the right direction, take care everybody love you all


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